#856 Bulova Spaceview Accutron 50th Anniversary – Nonprofit Fundraiser

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1000 were made and each and every numbered accordingly. That is the one one numbered 856 of 1000. 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 2010 Bulova Spaceview Accutron
 Individuals who know more about physics than taught in schools know what this watch is about…
The Accutron Inertial System can also be built from the movement of this watch; it measures the spike in TimeSpace/SpaceTime at crack of dawn. This device can measure the energy from massive crystalline (stone & coral) structures vibrating the energy at crack of dawn like a tuning fork. Vibration, Frequency, Energy, most of the people don’t remember the time shuttle & other implications that this watch is in reality all about. There is not any other stay up for serious seekers & highly advanced engineers❤️ I’m right through in as lagniappe an extra up to date Bulova Accutron band at no cost. 
 I also can supply up to date parts for these excluding the backs with the number one-1000. I will be able to offer a new upper bezel with Sapphire crystal for $700. This watch absolutely does not desire a new Sapphire crystal at all, but when the sunshine scratches at the bezel bother you, the brushed upper bezel can also be replaced. I will be able to also offer a new movement for $3,000. This watch does not desire a new movement; some other people just wish to buy a movement to build the Accutron Inertial System.
 Price varies by location. I can use DHL for international shipping; I can get a written quote from DHL upon purchase of item to be paid in full before shipping. Domestic shipping quote will have to be paid in full before shipping. I’ve estimated package weight and dimensions for now to post the listing. No returns are accepted. Sold “as is”. Payment is required instantly upon purchase or winning auction. Shipping is made after payment has cleared 100% in my actual possession, not pending or being held by PayPal. 
 By purchasing this item, Young_Lovers is supporting a monastic Nonprofit Fundraiser (Live Oak Circle, A Nonprofit Corporation). All temples are mechanically tax deductible. Strengthen is greatly appreciated.


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