I look forward to a continued good business relationship with Movac." Post-catalyzed, Pre-catalyzed, nitrocellulose, water-borne. I try to be totally WB, but for certain woods like oak I still use oil-based … Anthony Light, T L Finishes, Sittingbourne, Kent Probably one of the biggest challenges to going totally WB is getting used to a different stain system. Sayerlack is the flagship brand distributed by JAT Holdings. The end result is an effective, long lasting protective coating system which can represent a healthy return on investment. waterborne coatings for exteriors. waterborne v-joint sealer for exterior xav3807/00. Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with a proven history of durability, color, innovation, and service. The water-based wax-effect oil AOV2343/00 is designed for treating indoor furniture and parquet flooring. Find out more about our product solutions today. solvent based acrylic basecoat for exterior use tuv2335/xx. For dyes and pigments, we recommend Renner™ Stain Dye, available in black, white, red, yellow and walnut. sayerlack brand profile. Hydroplus water-based coatings, formulated to reduce the absorption of moisture and the sun’s radiation, deliver advantages in terms of outdoor resistance and reduced solvent emissions. It has been tested and performs to FIRA 6250 severe use rating. Initiated in 1954, Sayerlack, based in Italy constantly provide the most innovative and highest quality wood finishes to the industry. clear two-pack waterborne topcoat for exteriors az36xx/xx. two pack waterborne topcoat for exterios. You may be using water-based varnish on some of your furniture or other household items. AU474 is a premium primer which can be used as a single-pack or two-pack coating depending on application. (Faster to cure, varnishes that use urethane for their resin—often labeled polyurethane—dominate the modern market and are easier to find.) Sayerlack Water Based Clear Lacquer - Gloss AF7290 . exteriors. Renner™ Water-Based Stain is the #1 choice among industry experts when it comes to high-quality, long-lasting, water-based stain products for residential and commercial purposes. I’ve sprayed shellac, water based dye, and Deft brushing lacquer, all with good results. It can be applied using a spray gun, brush or rag and as AOV2343/00 is a water-based oil with a natural fragrance of beeswax it leaves the wood looking soft, natural and waxy. Rely on Sayerlack Water Based Topcoat Matt AT99 to enhance a range of different substrates in commercial applications, while also being suited for use directly onto primed surfaces. I woulsd like to get into spraying more lacquer because its looks great and dries fast, but all the options out there are confusing to someone new to spraying, like me. thixotropic waterbased finish for outdoors az35xx/xx. Commitment to research and development of new technologies has led to the brand being recognized as the largest producer of wood coatings in the world. For the resins to work well with the water solvent, water-based varnishes are also composed of other chemicals that create emulsion. Shorter open times with WB wiping stains is a real challenge, as is getting the same colors, consistency and clarity that you may be used to. Sayerlack PU Hardener For Waterborne Lacquer (AF 6050) When it comes to coatings for wood exposed outdoors, lasting durability is a key factor. The Sayerlack AF72 water based lacquer is a clear self-sealer for interiors which ensures good chemical resistance, hardness, transparency and resistance to thermoplasticity. The secret lies in its synthetic resins which have been bonded to drying oils and mixed with a thinner. It can be sprayed directly on manmade or natural wood substrates. Oil-based varnish tops the durability charts in terms of water-resistance. Description. What you may not know is that water-based varnishes are used as lacquers and are made up of solvents (which are mostly water) as well as resins. "I am extremely happy with the new WZG54 AC lacquer you have supplied, after spraying the table with this, the high build finish was excellent and there is far less odour than with previous products.