Sep 25, 2018 2,797 4,744 793 Atlanta, Georgia. However, the label and Juice Wrld's grieving family chose to delay The Outsiders and first put a 15-track tribute album titled Legends Never Die that was announced on July 7, 2020. Album Art for Outsiders. ... A subreddit for the late rapper Juice WRLD (Jarad Higgins). Alright. SHOP Merchandise, music juice wrld 999, clothes, merch at 999 CLUB STORE. Now it's the perfect wallpaper. Off-Topic. Future What A Time To Be Alive. Sad was released in (date needed) 2020, it is the first track on Juice's "Outsiders" album. Jan 30, 2020 #10 The Outsiders has been floating around as a possible title for the new posthumous album by Juice WRLD, but this is the first time it has been confirmed by somebody close to him. In the mean time they will try to fulfill all of the collabs that he wanted to do and release the tapes with ski and thug and maybe 1 solo album as … Creative ... da album . Juice WRLD‘s girlfriend, Ally Lotti has confirmed the title of the rapper’s new posthumous album to be “The Outsiders.”. Similar to what they did with X but hopefully without his mum milking his name. Outsiders leak. On May 4, 2020, Juice's girlfriend Ally Lotti referenced an album under the title of The Outsiders which Juice Wrld had intended to make his next album. Discussion. Not giving the link. What are your thoughts on juice's upcoming Album, The Outsiders? 16 songs got leaked and all the songs that were leaked, well their fully HQ and finished versions are in it, Long Live Juice (one of them is actually Righteous fully completed, like it is different and longer and the beat is altered.) Dec. 2nd, 1998 - Dec. 8th, 2019. I photoshopped an extended version af the 'Legends Never Die' album cover. “Sad” is a song about how Juice WRLD will do anything for a woman such as just trying to make her smile even if she’s not with him. (It was only available for 5 days but should come back as a tribute). I think they will make that his last album. Please let me know your thoughts about making a petition. Future is the latest superstar to don the cover of XXL for their Spring 2020 issue, and from his scope, Life Is Good.. ... We should try to make a petition of some sort to bring back Juice WRLD's statue at the Brooklyn Museum for Spotify's RapCaviar Pantheon. According to reports, Lotti has been working hard to ensure that the release of the late rapper’s first posthumous album goes exactly as he would have wanted. The track is speculated to feature on Juice’s second posthumous album, The Outsiders, but has not been confirmed yet. 77.2k. Reactions: 999JuiceWRLD999 and Future. Members. It was a newer song, it fit his newer style and is finishedI know this is a bit late but are you able to email me a link for this . I am just spreading the news. Thread starter 999JuiceWRLD999; Start date Jan 30, 2020; Tags juice wrld juice wrld edit; Forums. OTHER Juice wrld - Outsiders cover art. I also made this black n' white fadeout effect. After collaborating with Future on the mixtape Wrld on Drugs, which was released later that year and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200, Juice Wrld released his second album, Death Race for Love, in 2019. It was preceded by the singles "Robbery" and "Hear Me Calling", with the former making its debut at number 27 on the Hot 100.