The zero article. ART003 - Definite and Indefinite Articles … Share this Advertisements. Articles cover topics from English grammar, spelling and punctuation, through to language teaching, career development, specialisations, and ideas and suggestions for the classroom. Indefinite articles a an. Choose the correct answer. Task No. ... Definite and Indefinite Articles . 4. These particular ones will help you practice using articles in Spanish (definite articles, indefinite articles, knowing when not to use an article, etc.) Q1 of 8 That is ____ restaurant I like best. 3 exercises to practise the definite article.1)Choose the correct option with or without ´the´ 2)Fill in ´the´ where necessary 3) Choose the correct word Articles worksheets are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. 1. Some patients have to stay in hospital for months. A / An / The or Nothing 3 4. Articles – Exercises. Articles: worksheets exercises, handouts to print. Worksheet Download: definite-article-geography-worksheet.docx (scroll down to study the exercises online) Jump to : Exercises A proper noun is the unique name of a person, place, or thing that starts with a capital letter, for example, ‘John’, ‘Sweden’, ‘Google’. belongs to the Carribean islands. Articles Exercise 4 5. the-Q4 of 8 The definite article the. Our uncle lives in . Indefinite Articles - A / An: A/An with Exercise A/An Exercise 2 / A vs An 3 / A vs An 4 Articles A/An/The Exercises: 1. We live next to health centre on Victoria Street. Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate Advanced . Indirect articles a an exercises for esl. Do you need help? is Austria's longest river. Honey, could you feed _____, please? A / An / The Worksheets 1 2. ART009 - Definite and Indefinite articles. I want to work as engineer. English Grammar Online Exercises and Downloadable Worksheets. Definite article the. Choose the correct article or (---) if there is no article ! Articles about learning, using and teaching the English language, including advice, tutorials, opinions and lesson plans from various authors and contributors. Practice Exercises The definite article Exercises: The Definite Article. This grammar exercise tests your understanding of the rules regarding the use of the definite and indefinite articles. A / An / The or Nothing 2 3. the-Q2 of 8 This is ____ Pacific Ocean. articles exercise. The definite article the – Exercise 4. ¡Suerte! 1229. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate article. ART009 - Articles Gap-fill exercise. She wants to be a vet. My sister loves _____. Articles Worksheet 6 7. a. a dog b. the dog 5. Grammar videos: The definite article – exercises Watch the video and read the conversation between Sophie and Emma. the-Q3 of 8 Put your name at ____ top of the page please. (Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on Articles) Choose the correct article: a, an, the or x (no article) Do you need the definite article the in the following sentences or not? Choose from the drop down menu. 1213 Pronunciation of the article the in English – Exercise; 1225 The articles a/an, the – Exercise 1; 1233 The articles a/an, the – Exercise 2; 1211 The definite article the – Exercise 1; 1221 The definite article the – Exercise 2; 1223 The definite article the – Exercise 3; 1229 The definite article … Then do these exercises to check your understanding of the definite article. Grammar Exercise - Definite and Indefinite Articles (a, an, the or zero article) Do the exercise below on articles and click on the button to check your answers. Articles a/an/the 5 6. A / An / Some Exercise 8. a. animals b. the animals 6. The exercises on our site are designed for beginners and intermediate level students.