It will not affect your pricing at all. Stability. After you submit the form we'll email you an activation link with a temporary password. Arrives before Christmas. I placed the two new holders between the current rear facing rod holders (for a total of four). 90. Reply. Ascend FS12T The Ultimate Fishing Kayak. Ascend D10. The advanced V-style hull incorporates an extended keel, aggressive strakes and a performance rocker to achieve superior maneuverability, tracking and stability. I hope you find it helpful and informative. Sit-On Kayaks. My First Kayak Adventure – how I fell in love with kayaking, Ascend Kayak Accessories – What Do They Offer, Ascend Fishing Kayaks – What You Need to Know, Ascend Kayak Reviews – Breakdown of the 10 ft models, Kayaking Life Vest for Women – What About Those Curves, Lightweight Kayaks for Women – Reduce the Hassle, Kayaking Basics for Beginners – Where do you start, How to Kayak for Beginners – Position and Proper Posture, How to Kayak for Beginners – Basic Kayak Paddle Strokes, Kayaking for Beginners – How to Launch Your Kayak, What is the Difference Between a Kayak and a Canoe, Kayaking in Missouri – Lake Taneycomo Part 2, Kayaking in Branson – Lake Taneycomo Part 2. I replaced the rod holder that it came with because it was really cheaply made and felt as if it would break with the first bite on the line. I went to … Weighing in at a little over 50 lbs., this kayak is easy to lift, paddle, transport, and store. Easily pushed around in wind when idle, not much storage capacity. It's 10' length makes it easy to transport. Added Zooka Tube Rod Holders Thanks for stopping in and spending some time here. It is a great for paddlers who want a sit-on-top boat with exceptional performance and comfort in a well-thought-out, open design. January 1, 1970 00:00 at am. Ascend FS12T The Ultimate Fishing Kayak. There is a cup holder molded into the floor of the kayak to keep a bottle of water within easy access. The kayak features a state-of-the-art allows for for a quick paddle when you need to reach your favorite honey-hole quickly. I actually bought 2 of the Ascend FS12T kayaks (blue) about a year ago from a BPS in Ft. Myers, FL. I am an affiliate of Bass Pro Shops, so know that if you click on any of the links below and make a purchase I may receive a commision. I like this and I think I would really like this model a lot. It has glide rails on either side of the dash to attach accessories too, such as cameras, fish finders etc. It has 2 Rod holders, Adjustable seat and foot rest.. //