He is currently the Residential Coordinator at WestBridge Community Services, a family founded non-profit that provides evidence-based treatments for adult men experiencing co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. Dr Bellamy received her PhD in the Joint program in Social Work and Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and her MSW and BA from Rutgers University. Dr. Bellamy’s research examines sociocultural experiences and pathways to wellness and recovery in prevention and treatment. Project, the California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations, (CAMHPRO), the Yale International Lived Experience Leadership Institute, United Suicide Survivors International and other transformative initiatives. Each 2-hour session will have basically the same structure; however, the overall lecture content varies. Under his stewardship during the past thirty-two years the Yale Endowment generated returns of 13.5 percent per annum, a record unequalled among institutional investors. She first began her work with the ACE program in the Army National Guard, where she received training in suicide prevention for soldiers struggling with their mental health. That's the story I want to tell and to shed light upon. Many spoke of the lack of opportunities available for people with lived experiences to take on leadership roles, to acquire leadership experience, or to receive mentorship and guidance in these areas. He believes that the lived experience should strongly inform system change. He serves as President of the Board of CAMHPRO and Chair of the National Dignity Mental Health Coalition, on the Steering Committee of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Global Anti-Stigma Alliance, and the Executive Committee of the US National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, through which he founded the world’s first suicide attempt survivor task force. Center for International & Professional Experience, First Generation and/or Low Income Students, General Management & Leadership Development Programs, Applying to Graduate & Professional School, Yale College Center for International and Professional Experience. We encourage you to learn more about the Academy’s new successor program, the Fellowship for Public Education Leadership at The Broad Center at Yale SOM.. She knows it will be difficult, but she’s ready to grow and learn. YYAS was modeled off its sister program, Yale Young Global Scholars, and continues to operate under its umbrella. She also brings her expertise as an author, grant writer, mental health advocate and educator, and survivor. Yale Alumni Academy has unveiled its inaugural courses, a compendium of online summer sessions that includes free, one-day webinars and ongoing seminar courses offering an immersive experience – all taught by expert Yale faculty and specialists.. An evolution of the Yale Alumni Association’s lifelong learning and travel programs, Yale Alumni Academy brings alumni together as … Katie has recently focused on supporting people experiencing first episode psychosis/extreme states/non-consensus reality to re-frame crisis as opportunity. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell in creative writing, and now, as a certified peer specialist and as part of LET(s)Lead New England, he seeks to spread stories that inspire hope and galvanize resilience for all those experiencing mental illness. Louise has nearly 10 years of University research and teaching experience on lived experience in mental health and has worked in lived experience specific positions since 2004. We met to discuss the need for developing people with lived experiences as leaders. We seek to develop a network of visionary leaders ready to work across racial and ethnic lines to address America’s most pressing problems and develop sustainable solutions rooted in equity and justice. I would like to plant seeds and watch them grow. New Haven, CT 06513 You’ll enhance your unique strengths, skills and traits, harness your networks, and maximize your innovation potential. Three faculty have served as presidents of these organizations; one is a past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Steven Berry, Jeffrey Talpins Faculty Director, is the David Swensen Professor in the Economics Department, specializing in the empirical analysis of markets and competition-related economic policy. Char’Dornne has served as Co-Chair of the Greater New Britain Reentry Council, a regional extension of the CT Reentry Collaborative since 2018 and is an active member of Disability Rights Connecticut’s PAIMI Advisory Council. Participants continue the need to have access to a computer, reliable internet access, web camera capable of video web conferencing. In addition to her work with the Wildflower Alliance where she does project development and oversight, grant writing, public speaking, curriculum development, training, supervision, and leadership, Sera has also worked as a lead trainer for the state’s Certified Peer Specialist program for nearly ten years, is a founding member of the Hearing Voices USA Board of Directors, and publishes articles regularly on Mad in America. 10:00-10:15: Welcome back (and introductions of fellows to guest), 10:15-10:45: Review of readings and homework materials, 11:45-12:00: Review of the day, Assignment & Evaluation, Meet as instructed above (online class, mentoring and check-ins), Complete required homework assignments and readings. The Yale Global Executive Leadership Program (YGELP) will prepare you for the highest levels of global leadership. Sera was able to take her lived experiences in the mental health system and re-define herself as a survivor to find success without any diagnoses or psychiatric drugs for over a decade. Your browser is antiquated and no longer supported on this website. Yale Alumni Academy, a new initiative of the Yale Alumni Association, offers lifelong learning and travel programs rooted in Yale’s tradition of intellectual community and friendship. Since then I have landed in a career path in Workforce Development, assisting people experiencing homelessness obtain jobs and housing. Mary O’Hagan used mental health services in New Zealand for eight years as a young woman. I am passionate about dismantling the systems that are barriers to folks while empowering individuals to make transformational change towards their goals. 1 International, a consulting and technical assistance collective focused on social change, social justice and behavioral health systems transformation fueled by the “lived experience” of people who have been there. Whether you work in primary care or an Arm’s Length Body – we can help you on your leadership journey. Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, MS, is a nationally recognized leader, educator and trainer in the fields of Latino behavioral health recovery, psychiatric rehabilitation and cultural competence. Anthony’s work is strongly informed by his personal experience of mental ill-health and recovery. Our many student- and community-related programs and organizations allow students to participate in a leadership capacity on campus. It’s a new way of learning through lived experiences and shared personal stories. Academy Youth Acquiring Leadership & Excellence (Y.A.L.E.) Patricia is a Peer Support Supervisor and Trainer at the Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry Program on Recovery and Community Health. I enjoy baking and visiting the beach. Mary was an initiator of the service user movement in New Zealand, the first chair of the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, an advisor to the United Nations and World Health Organization, and a Mental Health Commissioner for New Zealand. He is a Visiting Scholar at Yale University School of Medicine. Because the Yale Hockey Academy places a heavy emphasis on academic excellence, it is mandatory for all Yale Hockey Academy students to maintain a B average (73% cummulative) while attending our program. 10 Weekly 2-hour virtual training sessions. Kelly is a mother of three children and three grandchildren. Additional areas of interest and expertise include providing training and support to culturally diverse populations with co-occurring disorders, criminal justice experience and homelessness. Moon emigrated to the United States from South Sudan as a child and uses her and her family’s experience and trauma to educate and enlighten providers, consumers, policy makers, and community members about the importance of inclusion. Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is an academic enrichment program for outstanding high school students from around the world. In addition to being a recipient of psychiatric care, Dr. Davidson has produced over 375 publications, including A Practical Guide to Recovery-Oriented Practice: Tools for Transforming Mental Health Care and The Roots of the Recovery Movement in Psychiatry: Lessons Learned. Patty Benedict, BA, is a member of the Abenaki Nation of the Odanak reservation in Canada and a member of the Connecticut Native American community. Nicole lives in Rockland, Maine with her children and spends her time exploring the beaches collecting seashells. I am married with two adult children and two grandsons. Step 2: Review the YYAS application required components. The Youth Academy is a Level II residential program that has a … His research currently focuses on cultural, community, and social justice perspectives on mental health. Kim states: “I am the 3rd generation of women sent away to institutions, with the inherited trauma and this taking of my ancestors not for something they did wrong but for the pain they experienced due to the hard circumstances of their lives. Her expertise includes developing and conducting community-based research initiatives – involving and partnering with community. She is the mother of 4 children and an avid gardener. This course will focus on leadership at Patagonia, a clothing company defined by an ethical mission: to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change. I am currently an Auxilliary member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. She is a founding member of the Board of Directors of NAMI Elm City (New Haven), facilitates two Hearing Voices Network support groups in New Haven, Connecticut, and joined the Board of Directors of the Hearing Voices Network-USA in July 2019. To learn and put into practice the key elements of transformational leadership. Through this work and his own lived experience, he has identified the use of stigmatizing language within families as the issue he wishes to address during his time in the LET(s) Lead Academy. The Broad Academy is currently transitioning to a new home at the Yale School of Management and will no longer be accepting resumes. 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Fl. But it's not only my ancestors and my pain; through my work with the mental health field I have also seen the challenges and joys of peers working in this field, and it has given me a new perspective that we are all in this together.” Kim is currently a Supervisor and Trainer for Yale-PRCH, where she has worked for the past 10 years. Ever since, she has worked to make a difference to the way society and services respond to people with major mental distress. Kimberly has presented across the state of Connecticut and nationwide on topics including peer support and person-centered approaches to treatment and care for people with addictions, mental illness, and incarceration history. As well, there will be fund raising events to support community and global organizations like “Live to Give” in which Yale … Using … She has also developed a passion for filmmaking, beginning with ‘Beyond the Medical Model’ in 2013. In his leadership capacity, he helped found the national Destination Dignity! By creating low-barrier access to gender responsive and family focused treatment and sober living, harm reduction, and promoting multiple pathways to recovery, it is her hope to change the stigma facing those struggling with SUD in Maine. For sixteen years, she worked for American Indians for Development, Inc. in a variety of capacities. During this time of social distancing, we invite you to travel and learn from the comfort of your own home with in-depth courses and free educational webinars. I also have experience in leading and facilitating systems change and increasing the skills-base of all staff in the use of psychological strategies across primary and secondary care systems. The Yale Hockey Academy is proud to encourage, support, and train the Student-Athlete. Moon is also a spoken word poet and storyteller who uses her gift for writing to empower and build narratives for Black and brown communities. She has trained hundreds of multidisciplinary stakeholders, both nationally and internationally and provided technical assistance in the implementation and dissemination of innovative recovery-based interventions. Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17621/internet-explorer-downloads, Academic Overview and Getting to Know Each Other, Chyrell Bellamy, Claire Bien, Larry Davidson & Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, Foundations of Transformational Change and Appreciate Inquiry, Foundations of Transformational Leadership, Behavioral Health and Lived Experience: State of Affairs, Encouraging the Heart and Partnering with Others, Change Management Strategies and Appreciative Inquiry, Culturally Responsive Leadership on Boards and Committees, Effectiveness of Story in Leadership on Boards and Committees, Developing Your Vision, Student Presentations, Claire Bien, Chyrell Bellamy and Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, Pushing Forward, Next Steps, Student Presentations. Katie has experience in numerous residential settings, including Soteria Vermont. William Mounce, having grown up primarily in Hong Kong and Japan, now resides in Manchester, New Hampshire. Anthony is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and an Honorary Fellow in the Centre for Global and Cultural Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, the University of Melbourne. Faculty is open to scheduling phone or virtual meetings if you have any questions related to the course. So why is there a need to do LET(s)Lead for people with lived experiences of recovery from mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma? Katie identifies with an array of lived experiences, including: psychiatric labels, coming off psych medications, trauma, substance use, parental incarceration, and loved ones attempting or dying by suicide. In 2015, an international survey was conducted (via IIMHL and Yale-PRCH) asking people with lived experience what they would want in a leadership initiative. She comes to this work with a background in the legal field with over 13 years of specializing in the criminal justice system. Oxford Royale Academy’s Business summer programmes come packed with first-class teaching from our expert faculty, featuring a mixture of business theory, practical case studies and university advice … Katie Bourque (she/her/hers) lives in Burlington, Vermont. Her background in qualitative research, community based participatory research methods and experience as a Clinical Director for a small urban mental health clinic help her customize curriculum, webinars, supervision and workshops for school systems, health care setting, and system leaders. His work has been influential internationally in shaping the recovery agenda and in operationalizing its implications for transforming behavioral health practice. The Greenlining Academy works to empower and develop the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to advance racial and economic equity and create positive social change. An internationally recognized thought leader in recovery-oriented programs and policy, consumer/user engagement, stigma reduction, men’s health and suicide prevention, his work as a change agent and innovator continues to drive the forefront of change for mental health worldwide. The Academy serves its community and state by providing residential and in-home services for children with behavioral disorders. Discussion can also be encouraged throughout the class if that works for the faculty. She created and implemented a cultural competency training on Native Americans for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Connecticut Judicial Department. To assist emerging leaders in gaining an understanding of the critical and emerging issues in mental health and other systems of care. The Greenlining Academy works to empower and develop the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to advance racial and economic equity and create positive social change. In addition to her work at Peer Collective, Moon is contracted as a cultural strategist for Disability Rights Maine where she advocates for the voices of immigrants and disproportionately represented communities in the mental health field. She sent her first draft to Chris Bradford (a member of Yale’s graduating class of 2000), our co-founder and chief executive officer. New Haven, CT 06510. They are a disabled, trans, Muslim, indigenous Palestinian focusing on creating transformative work around displacement, decolonization, equity, and centering lived experiences of individuals most impacted by injustice. Dan Johnston has shared his own experiences publicly alongside peers, clinicians, and researchers in the Boston area to advocate for early intervention in treating psychosis. Associate Professor/ Director of Peer Services and Research, She is currently the project Director of the New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and brings her expertise in 1) workforce development in recovery-oriented practices such us person-centered, trauma-informed care and psychiatric rehabilitation interventions; 2) development of peer-run initiatives, training and technical assistance on peer integration practices; and 3) development of culturally appropriate curriculums and web-based training tools. Step 3: Review a PDF of a sample blank application, and start preparing to answer as many application questions as possible. *Top image: Young Women’s Leadership Academy Senior and future Yale student, Nadia Balderas. These qualities are similar to values within the research and practice of recovery oriented care and peer support. Kelly’s passion lies in social justice practice and advocacy. I'm interested in starting a food coop for those with lived experience to help address food insecurity. She has worked with incarcerated or formerly incarcerated individuals for over a decade. The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care. The Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program is a proud member of the HALI Access Network and has enjoyed support from The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale and Higherlife Foundation. Transformational leadership has been defined by its proponents as a leadership approach that causes change both in individuals and in social system (James McGregor Burns, 1978). The Youth Academy for Leadership and Excellence (YALE) is designed to build character, leadership and excellence in youth ages 12 years and up and encourage responsible citizenship within the community. This led to newfound hope and discovery of inner strength. She brings over 30 years of nonprofit communications, publications, and community relations experience to the position. She has also developed a guidebook and training on the use of Appreciative Inquiry approaches to engage organizations and communities in developing practical and sustainable solutions. Patricia provides supervision support for Recovery Support staff and supervisors in local community-based reentry projects, Connecticut Valley Hospital and the Whiting Forensic Hospital. He also serves as Senior Policy Advisor for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and was the Project Director for the Recovery to Practice initiative of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Kimberly worked much of her life as a nurse’s aide until beginning work as a recovery mentor and leader in the Recovery Movement, sharing her personal story of hope and recovery from trauma, addiction and mental health challenges. She is also the Acting Director of the Office of Recovery Community Affairs, appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services. Cell/Text: 203-444-2219. Balderas is less worried about the academics. When Esther Soma was struggling with the essay portion of her Yale application, she knew where to turn for help. Lastly, she founded the Latino Initiatives at Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and established and coordinated the Yale Latino Recovery Colectivo a group committed to the dissemination of recovery oriented, trauma informed and evidenced based initiatives on Latinos(x).