Want to know the secret to texting your crush on Instagram? Sure, a double-tap on your crush's latest Instagram post or a like on their Facebook or … Had no idea another human could love [shared interest] as much as me. Did you know that posting pics with pets is a bona fide thirst trap? Having the right starter questions to DM your crush is the key to getting off on the right foot. There is no special section or feature or tool available officially on Instagram; however, you can make use of Text Messages and Images to ask questions and play dare games with your followers. ", "I'm loving your new haircut. (You nailed it, BTW.). ". 11. Except, you don’t know what to say. Would you mind helping me out with [related project]? Wow, where was this pic taken? Can you promise to keep that A+ content coming? And remember: Ain’t no shame in your DM-sliding game. The apps listed above all have similar features. To keep an aesthetic, keep a folder of inspiration by flagging or saving … Anything Unrelated to What They Posted. If you want to thirst trap your crush but you don't really want to give your 80-year-old aunt a heart attack next time she logs onto Instagram to post a photo of her potted plant, then you can achieve similar results by posting a normal, wholesome selfie. 9. When did you start getting into that? You can tell that object of your affection exactly what's on your mind with a totally titillating question. 14. If you want to get someone's attention, follow them. Here are 10 DM’s you can send to get that conversation started. 1. Don’t be afraid to tweak these questions and make them your own, either. 6 Email and Instagram DM Templates for Influencer Outreach. It is possible to develop feelings over Facebook, but the real chemistry is established through one-on-one meetings. The question, of course, is what exactly you should say (and no, I don't recommend a simple, "Hey"). As a general rule, the best questions to DM are short, generally lighthearted, and show your interest to some degree, no matter how subtle. If there's one thing I've picked up about brunch, it's that Instagram eats first. Since you’re a fellow [artist/band name] enthusiast, thought you should know that they’re coming to town. Best of all, social networks all offer a casual, convenient way of getting in touch with someone you like. Should I post a few more? The more you can personalize the question to your crush’s interests, or the nature of your connection, the better. Fret not — these 15 questions are pretty much foolproof for getting the digital sparks flying. If you want to make things happen between you and your crush, it might be time to pose a question that makes your intentions clear. When your crush scrolling Instagram and see your post there is no doubt he/she will take a look at it. 5. Your brand needs to stand out and that is the most important criteria if you are … Just to be clear, consent applies to direct messages just like it does to IRL sexual behavior. )", "Someone certainly looks like they've been hitting the gym lately. Ready to dive in head first? When you’re crushing hard on someone, social media can provide a slew of perks. For example, if it's the same movie then you can try to make a short review about it. Here are a few questions that will pique that person's interest but that won't leave your ego bruised if you don't get the desired response. Hey, I noticed you’re really into [hobby/skill] — it just so happens I’ve been getting really into it, too. But since this may be one of your first social media exchanges, you’ll want to be strategic about what you ask. ", "Could you please post pictures more than once a month? Remember: Fortune favors the bold, and boldness can pay off in a big way. An Instagram Story can be a pretty powerful thing. Brand is important. #NOPE. Quick question from your fellow classmate. All you have to do to pull a joke on your friends is run the app you’ve downloaded. "So I see that you're a Yankees fan. Not sure what to say? I figured if we’re brave enough to double tap each other’s photos, we should be able to DM. Now, real talk: How many attempts did it take to get this perfect shot? While you definitely don't want to make your crush uncomfortable, sending a flirtatious DM question is a great way to make a first move — and if your crush is into it, who knows what might happen next? Do: Follow them before you slide into their DMs. Not only are you privy to more pics of the object of your affection, but you’re also exposed to a wealth of useful info about them — and those deets can definitely come in handy when you build up the courage to strike up a convo.