Current and future studies will investigate neurovascular coupling over a broad range of stimulus parameters and cortical areas. How to use investigate in a sentence. At Jerry’s Ice Cream, this would mean investigating all variances at or above $ The Council do not investigate complaints about customer service or quality or food price. Before any further information can be obtained from the caller, the call is terminated from the caller’s end. Secondly, we investigate to what extent the UML can be used for enterprise viewpoint specification by means of a small case study. and Henry IV., the right of ppropriating the supplies granted to special objects; and with ore difficulty they obtained, in 1666, the appointment of a commission empowered to investigate irregularities in the issue of moneys. undercover to investigate the leaking of military secrets by one of his former heroes. If not, why not? possibilityan>investigate possibilities for inviting a musician to play. In the first long vacation - during which he, doubtless with some sarcasm, says that " his taste for books began to revive " - he contemplated a treatise on the age of Sesostris, in which (and it was characteristic) his chief object was to investigate not so much the events as the probable epoch of the reign of that semi-mythical monarch, whom he was inclined to regard as having been contemporary with Solomon. To investigate is to look into something systematically. It pays to take some time to investigate the organic wine world and try a few different wineries and grapes before settling on your favorite. Different lines also offer different itineraries including stops on private islands, and before choosing a western Caribbean cruise you should investigate which line offers the best overall options for your vacation. If we examine myths of human descent from animals, we find gods busy there, and if we try to investigate the myths of the origin of the gods, the subject gets mixed up with the mythical origins of things in general. Learn about the tools and techniques used by the RCMP in the investigation of crime. Rigid sigmoidoscope - a thin short tube which is able to investigate the back passage up to 20cms. Several other companies sell organic vitamins which you can investigate which are enrolled in the Non-GMO Project and in the process of verification. In 1855 he resigned the tutorship, travelled in Germany to investigate Continental systems of education, and began his researches into the lives of Casaubon and Scaliger, which occupied the remainder of his life. We investigate aspects of the coordination chemistry of the transition metals. What is the opposite of investigate? In doing this he was led to investigate the grounds of the lawfulness of war in general. In 1896 Herzl (q.v.) The most direct manner in which to test any property for additive relations is to determine the property for a number of elements, and then investigate whether these values hold for the elements in combination. Citation: Researchers investigate impact of COVID-19 on BAME businesses (2020, October 19) retrieved 18 December 2020 from This document is subject to copyright. It extends the initiative of the Commission from the investigation of complaints to the investigation of rates on its own motion; authorizes it to suspend rates in advance of their going into effect, pending an investigation which may be continued for ten months, and to establish through routes; and provides for a special commission, appointed by the President, to investigate questions pertaining to the issuance of railway securities. Investigate all possible legal action There are penalties in law for people who are unnecessarily cruel to animals. Respondents answered discipline-specific questions to investigate the knowledge that they had regarding products in the proposed nurses ' formulary. “It often leads to such bulky and intricate combinations of statement, as to present the case to the judge and jury, in a form of considerable complexity.” Investigate loans, grants, and scholarships as well as government benefits and tax breaks. Rambaut's results were obtained with similar instruments similarly located, but he did not investigate the seasonal variations of diffusivity, or the effect of percolation. A parliamentary commission was appointed in 1881 to investigate the causes of the disastrous subsidences which are constantly taking place in all the salt districts, and the provision of a remedy. We shall investigate the velocity of such plane waves by a method which is only a slight modification of a method given by W. We shall investigate the external force needed to make a train of plane waves travel on unchanged in form with velocity U. Koenig also used the apparatus to investigate the effect on the frequency of a fork of a resonating cavity placed near it. After being defeated at Aylesbury in 1857, he visited India to investigate the causes of the Mutiny. rigid sigmoidoscope - a thin short tube which is able to investigate the back passage up to 20cms. The police are still investigating the murder. The Word "Investigate" in Example Sentences Page 1 2111620 Let's investigate. dissatisfyre still dissatisfied after this procedure has been completed, you can ask the Health Services Ombudsman to investigate your case. For more information on sprouting buckwheat, investigate resources at your local library or bookstore. 交通事故の原因を調査する. In some cases, it is necessary for the company to further investigate your application. Knowing what questions to ask in an investigation interview comes with experience. Vogue 3658: Speaking of vivid looks, you'll certainly want to investigate this hot number! Most of the summaries produced are anonymous. METHUEN — The City Council this week voted unanimously to launch an official investigation into the Police Department's leadership team. If you find a dress you love, wait until you can investigate further before purchasing. to … Conclusion. Dulong to investigate relations (if any) existing between specific heats and the atomic weight. Such systems are opposed to all doctrines which rest solely or ultimately upon external authority; the individual must investigate everything for himself and abandon any position the validity of which cannot be rationally demonstrated. Helpful Hint! Infrared matrix isolation spectroscopy will be used to investigate reaction intermediates. For example, if you are going to investigate a fire accident, you must download an investigation report template from here. Unless you have valid reasons for not doing so, informing involved parties that an inquiry will be taking place is a common first step. While it is true that shopping at an outlet mall is a way to find good deals because there is no middleman retailer to mark up the prices, savvy shoppers can find even better bargains if they investigate special offers. Be sure to investigate the background of the dog as much as you can before you accept responsibility for it. a- while a commission was appointed in 1878 to investigate the condition of the country. To observe or inquire into in detail; examine systematically. If not, why not? Call up the different places you find and investigate rates. If the price on a puppy seems unreasonably low, you need to investigate whether the pup received any veterinary care at all before you decide to make your purchase. INVESTIGATE SOCIAL HISTORY A. To lower your financial work stress: Investigate the possibility of a raise or additional compensation for working on committees or on extra tasks. He was among the first to investigate the action of medicines on healthy persons. A ringworm infection also causes the type of patchy hair loss you describe, so this is another avenue for your vet to investigate. They investigate complaints of unfair dealing and track down and prosecute traders in unsafe or counterfeit goods. He turned on the lights and without waiting to investigate, went into the shower-room and stood under the tepid deluge. upon the duty incumbent upon all thinkers to investigate for themselves rather than to accept the authority of others. June 2005 To use the data to investigate the economics of cardiovascular disease prevention in primary care. They respond to the scene, investigate the cause, maintain records and prepare statistics on the findings. Later she discovered that Alice had made the call when she went to investigate why Lori's car was there. Domingo Vandewalle, a military governor of Las Palmas, was the first, in 1752, to investigate these; and it is due to the perseverance of D. It not unfrequently happens that good or instructive readings are found in manuscripts which are in general of small trustworthiness (see below), and whose relations to the general tradition it is not worth while to investigate. Instead, you'll want to investigate more specialized, and sometimes even upscale, maternity stores such as A Pea in the Pod. It should be a function of peripatetic tods to investigate any cases whereby children may have hearing problems. Although many companies label themselves as Christian services, it is best to investigate them thoroughly to find out if their program offers advantages or if it is too costly to become involved with. I'd still like to investigate crime and bust corruption just not undercover. Example sentences with the word investigate. In turn either or both bodies may choose to investigate or not at any stage, subject only to the relevant statutory provisions. See more. With the help of the local policewoman (Laura Linney ), he stays on to investigate the phenomenon. Free Motion of a Solid.Before proceeding to further problems of motion under extraneous forces it is convenient to investigate the free motion of a solid relative to its mass-centre 0, in the most general case. Brongniart, who was the first to investigate in detail the anatomy of a cycadean stem, recognized an agreement, as regards the secondary wood, with Dicotyledons and Gymnosperms, rather than with MonocoFIG.8. In 1885, 1887 and 1897 the legislature created a Board of Transportation consisting of existing state executive officers or their secretaries, but this could do little except gather statistics, investigate alleged abuses, and advise the legislature, upon which the regulation of rates remained mandatory by the constitution. We use a range of experimental methods including psychophysics, TMS, ERP and brain imaging to investigate these questions. Investigate the role of the human gut microflora in health and disease. The Public Service Commission (PSC) regularly posts summaries of some of its investigations on this Web site to help understand the scope of PSC investigations and what constitutes a breach of the Public Service Employment Act.. By Any Other Name Responding to a distress call from an Earth-like planet, a landing party from the Enterprise beams down to investigate. investigate the feasibility of providing pharmaceutical care to individual patients in primary care. Authorities continue to investigate the allegations to find out exactly what is going on. You may want to investigate whether you qualify for Legal Aid or find out about a legal clinic operating in your area. Next, simply sit in the room, allowing the cat to become used to your presence and investigate you. issued his proposal for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine and in 1898 he came to the country to investigate its possibilities. A Sample Investigation is the process of learning about the population based on a sample that you draw from it. Abstract We investigate the effects of fiscal transparency and political polarization on the prevalence of electoral cycles in fiscal balance. 6. In 1863 he resumed the practice of law, and in April 1865 was appointed a special judge advocate by the secretary of war to investigate alleged frauds in the recruiting service in western New York. I promised you I'd investigate this as thoroughly as I could. At some point, you may need to investigate options for affordable elderly care for yourself or an aging parent or other relative. Investigate all the facts prior to agreeing to work with a debt consolidation program. See examples of Investigate in English. So far we have only considered rays of homogeneous light, and it remains to investigate how lights of varying refrangibilities will be transmitted. But it does not follow that it can investigate the former without the latter. London gangster Jack Carter returns to his northern hometown to investigate his brother's death. Soon after the change of government in 1906 a royal commission, with ex-Lord Justice Fry as chairman, was appointed to investigate the condition of Trinity College, Dublin, and another under Lord Dudley to inquire into the question of the congested districts. Each reputable distance learning program is accredited by an organization that has authority to investigate and judge that program. Meanwhile the friends of Arnulf appealed to Rome, and a papal legate was sent to investigate the question. Congress at once appropriated funds for an American commission to investigate the matter. investigate possibilities for inviting a musician to play. Gladstone as high commissioner extraordinary to investigate the condition of the islands. He next proceeded to investigate the Pauline Epistles and the Acts of the Apostles in the same manner, publishing his results in 1845 under the title Paulus, der Apostel Jesu Christi, sein Leben and Wirken, seine Briefe and seine Lehre. Everyone should be able to work in a safe and healthy workplace. He gave orders to investigate the matter. His services were found to be of great value, and he not only obtained admirable training in habits of composition, but was led to investigate for himself some of the most interesting portions of English history. It's well worth your time to be patient and investigate the variety of options available. Let the cat investigate the baby's nursery as changes are made. Here I use aero- and hydro-dynamic theory to investigate the energetics of this highly specialized foraging technique. So I sent Arthur C Clarke to investigate the Mysterious goings on at Logs. Before you invest in any type of bond you should become educated and investigate all of your options to make the most informed investment decisions. Many people offer discounted tickets for sale on Internet auction sites, but buyers should investigate their reliability before choosing this sometimes questionable option. There's no shortage of online distance learning master's degree programs, so be sure to investigate the most promising options thoroughly before you choose to enroll. It is often helpful to see an example of an accident investigation in order to better understand how the process works. In July 1904, however, King Leopold issued a decree appointing a commission of inquiry to visit the Congo State, investigate the condition of the natives, and if necessary recommend reforms. Decided to investigate main charity clearinghouse in drawing in. Internal Memo Format . The NanoTest was used to investigate diamond-like carbon films on silicon which were prepared by magnetron sputtering from a graphite target. Color Inspiration: investigate Benjamin Moore's website for inspiration for your color scheme. In the latter division of plants he could not detect stamens and pistils, and he did not investigate the mode in which their germs were produced. It seems like more and more toys are recalled each year; which makes the topic of safe infant toys an important topic that every parent should investigate. He was a physics lecturer, and enthusiastically agreed to investigate the composition of the shelf using explosion seismology. When shopping online, however, consumers should always check shipping charges and times, compare prices, and investigate any warranties about the quality of their tree before completing a purchase. In this article, you’ll see the varying examples of questions asked and answers you should give to … While you sauté your summer squash on the skillet, your toddler can investigate a plate of chopped zucchini and eggplant. investigate complaints about customer service or quality or food price. Its duty is to deliberate upon all administrative matters, including the budget, and it possesses certain powers over the finances; (3) The Financial Delegations (created by decree in 1898), an elective body whose duty is to investigate all matters affecting taxation and to vote the budget. You should always take the time to thoroughly investigate before crossing a potential program off your list. investigate example sentences. If you happen to be short, take the time to investigate petite sizes and you may be surprised to find a dress you'll enjoy wearing because it offers the right fit in length. Investigate what's worth purchasing by using resources like CNN Money, "Forbes," and "The Wall Street Journal" to make decisions. Detect and react to ransomware to limit damage to your network with the Splunk Phantom Ransomware Investigate and Contain playbook. Investigation report is a document prepared with all essential details and information about something such as an incident, accident or crime scene etc. While online photography courses can be very beneficial, you may also wish to investigate the offerings available from your local community college. Dean was sure she was concerned that he'd attempt to investigate, but he had no such intention. There are many models on the market with a variety of price ranges, so investigate your options thoroughly if you don't already have a juice appliance. Another reason why this may be a good site to investigate is the fact that they offer a variety of colors within the category you are searching for. Authorities are continuing to investigate a fatal accident involving a tour bus transporting Miley Cyrus' lighting and production crews on their way to her upcoming show in Greensboro, North Carolina. A study can investigate what would be the reason for selecting the less profitable limpets. We also investigate incidents which affect, or could affect, drinking water quality. Online shoppers should carefully investigate the store prior to a purchase to guarantee their reputation and reliability. He was a Republican member of the National House of Representatives from 1877 until 1899; was a member of the Potter Committee to investigate the disputed presidential election of 1876, and conducted the examination of Samuel J. Hence arises Midrash, exposition, from darash to "investigate" a scriptural passage. this - to try to bring unity and harmony into the scattered thoughts of our general culture, to trace them to their primary assumptions and follow them into their ultimate consequences, to connect them all together, to remodel, curtail or amplify them, so as to remove their apparent contradictions, and to combine them in the unity of an harmonious view of things, and especially to investigate those conceptions which form the initial assumptions of the several sciences, and to fix the limits of their applicability. David Smith and Roy Patterson An analysis of Peterson and Barney's vowel formant data to investigate the evidence for scaling in human vowel formant data to investigate the evidence for scaling in human vowels. Criminal profiling. If you decide to investigate this possibility for getting affordable legal advice, you will be in good company. In 1676 the Lords of Trade and Plantations sent over Edward Randolph to investigate and gather information which would show the justice and expediency of imposing imperial control, and two years later Randolph was appointed Collector and Surveyor of Customs in New England. Before booking a cruise, however, prospective travelers should investigate the city and what it offers for cruise passengers. Investigate a crime; investigate ways to use less energy; investigate whether the virus is contagious. However, there are some things car shoppers should investigate when shopping for a vehicle. In this respect the dominant opinion in the Church, intent on compromise, seems to have been expressed in the Report presented in 1908 to the convocation of the province of Canterbury by the sub-committee of five bishops appointed to investigate the matter, namely, that under the Ornaments Rubric the vestments prescribed in the first Prayer Book of Edward VI. This page includes findings of WorkSafeBC investigations as identified in incident investigation reports. Shoppers interested in designer brands at discount prices should investigate Tanger Outlet Mall locations to find the best deals with the least effort. With these thoughts in mind it was decided to investigate the views of a small group of subject teachers. Before attempting to redeem cash rewards, cardholders must also investigate minimum redemption amounts since many cards require that a certain amount be earned before it can be redeemed. I investigate the poetics of this performance in conjunction with the poetics of this performance in conjunction with the poetics of fifth century Athenian tragedy. We cannot investigate the vibrations in an elementary manner. Retiring to a city away from all that is familiar is a big step, and it is wise to take the time to investigate your choices thoroughly before you make the move. CK 1 2007556 Let's go and investigate. In 1787 a company of Boston merchants sent two vessels, the " Columbia " and the " Washington " under John Kendrick and Robert Gray (1755-1806) to investigate the possibility of establishing trading posts. Read more about example use cases in the Splunk Platform Use Cases manual. In America, the FBI has set up three separate units to investigate computer extortion. foot rot infection of sheep A BBSRC studentship is available to investigate this. Statistical Society (September 1872, March 1881); Report of a Committee appointed by the Treasury to investigate the causes of the increased cost of the Telegraphic Service, &c. (1875); Reports of the Postmaster-General for 1895, &c.; Journ. Couples should investigate each company thoroughly to determine its reputation and whether or not they feel comfortable working with them for this momentous occasion. See more. Conducting an investigation anytime you receive a complaint or have reason to believe an employee is engaging in misconduct is vital to fulfilling these responsibilities. My research interest is in the use of functional MRI to investigate the phenomenology of mental illness. Blount 1837-1903) of Macon, Georgia, as commissioner paramount, to investigate the situation in the Hawaiian Islands. The initial information that served as a basis for this investigation was provided by Ms. Judith Randy. There is a tradition that on one occasion the abbot of Beverley, anxious to investigate the case for himself, visited Mother Shipton's cottage disguised, and that no sooner had he knocked than the old woman called out "Come in, Mr Abbot, for you are not so much disguised but the fox may be seen through the sheep's skin.". polysaccharide structure can be used to investigate the effects of processing on the integrity of the molecules. Topographical and geophysical survey, surface collection and geochemical sampling were used to further investigate the topography and chronology of the site. Types of investigation. The superintendent of public instruction is appointed by the governor and council for a term of two years, and it is his duty to prescribe the form of register to be kept in the schools, to investigate the condition of the schools, to make suggestions and recommendations for improving them, to lecture upon educational subjects in the towns and cities, to hold at least one teachers' institute each year in each of the counties, and to designate the times and places for holding examinations of those who wish to teach. He did not feel the need to investigate the complaint any further. look-alike packaging go to considerable pains to investigate the IP rights of the product they are imitating. dangled upside down over the drain to investigate. Not contented with a careful attention to details, Tull set himself, with admirable skill and perseverance, to investigate the growth of plants, and thus to arrive at a knowledge of the principles by which the cultivation of field-crops should be regulated. infrared matrix isolation spectroscopy will be used to investigate reaction intermediates. All Rights Reserved. mechanizethis to investigate some new geometric relations as well as ways of rigorously mechanizing geometric proofs that involve infinitesimal and infinite arguments. 警察はその殺人事件を捜査 … Accustomed freely and fearlessly to investigate whatever came before him, and swayed by a scrupulous dread of insincerity, he was doomed to long and anxious hesitation concerning some of the fundamental points of theology before arriving at a firm conviction of the truth of Christianity. If Fitzgerald was involved with Billy's death, some official should investigate and do something about it. "I guess the difference between Seymour—" "My friends call me Fitz—" "—Seymour and me is that I feel the sheriff is a servant of the public, and when a sincere request to investigate what has honestly and in good conscience been described as a crime has been made, it's the sheriff's duty to respond. investigate which of these possibilities are correct in the research we propose here. INVESTIGATE the dealer-learn whether or not they're certified, find out how long they've been in the profession, and check up on which part of the market they specialize in. The remit of this official inquiry is to investigate the reasons for the accident. The investigation reveals the following details: Employee had … Begin to investigate limo companies six to nine months before the wedding. quaero, investigate), a Roman magistrate whose functions, at least in the later times of the republic, were mainly financial, though he was originally concerned chiefly with criminal jurisdiction. The question of the gradual desiccation of the Volga, and its causes, has often been discussed, and in 1838 a committee which included Karl Baer among its members was appointed by the Russian academy of sciences to investigate the subject. As a group, they investigate mysteries that appear to have some type of paranormal activity associated with them. Once you narrow your parameters, and have a good idea of the region in which you want to live, take the time to investigate popular retirement communities in that region. Later she discovered that Alice had made the call when she went to investigate why Lori's car was there. Reports of territorial encroachments aroused much sympathy with Liberia in America and led in February 1909 to the appointment by President Roosevelt of a commission which visited Liberia in the summer of that year to investigate the condition of the country. When she spotted something below the tree line, she walked up to investigate. There are many options in new coats at low prices, although you should also investigate second-hand winter clothes. Next, you need to design an experiment to test this hypothesis. There are several different types of discounted patio furniture interested consumers can investigate. Classification Of Birds Fiirbringer's great work, published in the year 1888 by the Natura Artis Magistra Society of Amsterdam, enabled Gadow not only to continue for the next five years the same lines of morphological research, but also further to investigate those questions which were still left in abeyance or seemed to require renewed study. The appointment of permanent doctors (Kassenarzle) at a fixed salary has given rise to much difference between the medical profession and this local sick fund; and the insistence on freedom of choice in doctors, which has been made by the members and threatens to militate against the interest of the profession, has been met on the part of the medical body by the appointment of a commission to investigate cases of undue influence in the selection. Diffusion couples will be set up to investigate the kinetics of the process.