Simply adjust the sugar level accordingly–most of these will need far less than rhubarb does to make them palatable. I did use fresh cranberries instead of rhubarb and full-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, and I made it in our new nine-inch springform, and boy, it’s wonderful. YUMM! (I’ve always skipped it, but would love it include it). The recipe worked perfectly and I didn’t have any of the issues or problems some of the folks mentioned. Am going to make this cake this weekend! The batter spread out to the edge of the skillet just like you said :). May I suggest the book Rhubarb Renaissance by Kim Ode? And for people who love rhubarb, all that sugar takes away from the tartness of that wonderful fruit. Very inspirational. (I think making sure that they are packed into the bowl is key!) any suggestions? Rhubarb is so east to grow, you must plant some, then you can make it produce 2x a year easily, I have so much I bag it and give it away to neighbors LOL. But that only made me think about why it wasn’t rising up in more places! Thanks, Deb! It takes a year or two before it is big enough to cut – I am from Australia originally and I believe we could grow it year round there and was un-killable. New York New York it’s a hell of a town Is that how you remember them turning out? The crumb mixture is bakery quality and the proportions are perfect. I made this this weekend, and am wondering if some of the confusion over the crumbs not coming together correctly could be due to the way the butter is listed in the recipe. ground ginger . This is a very forgiving method for making virtually any flavor of sliver of sour cream batter + gargantuan heap of crumb you can dream up. I need to concoct a rhubarb-appropriate special occasion. Fall’s here…I just made this with frozen cranberries. Seed planting is not a great way to try to grow it — trust me.. this will def. Any thoughts? That was a happy accident because the wisked together ingredients lump up into crumbs on their own when I stir the melted butter into it with a spatula. Next time I think taking it all down to 1 cup however divided would still be to my liking! Thank you!!! Last night I had a strawberry pie from McDonald’s in Canada and swore there had to be some rhubarb in it. (It will look like a sling). Maybe making in 2 loaf pans instead? Teresa. I had quite a bit of liquid when it was time to assemble the cake so I scooped out the rhubarb w/o liquid. I used frozen blueberries instead and reduced the sugar on them to 2 Tbs. When you make it, do you use the cups/tablespoons, or the weight? No, I did not accidentally add a 1 in front of the 4. I L.O.V.E. But (and you may have guessed this) the cake broke in half when I took it out of the pan, with the crumb part all sticking in the pan. What a great idea for rhubarb! Crumb mixture was very dry, didn’t stick together in clumps and there was a huge amount. I might have ended up a scientist instead of a bean-counter accountant. Using your fingers, break topping mixture into big crumbs, about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch in size. Oh and by the way, my boyfriend nearly cried tears of joy when he tasted this for the first time. I baked this today and for some reason the cake layer ended up on top and the crumb layer fell to the middle…so it was not crunchy or crumbly at all. My rhubarb didn’t stay red and the next day it looked like grey mush. cornstarch 1/2 tsp. This looks beautiful. This looks DELICIOUS. Less flour?? I reduced the amount of sugar to 1/4 cup in the topping and 1/8 cup of white sugar and 1/2 cup of brown sugar in the cake. Would they make the cake too wet? What is this thing about “Comment #150” and new directions for making the crumb topping?? I felt like I should add more butter for the amount of dry stuff in the crumb topping in order to get the thickness you described. Impressive! Now I just have to figure out how not to eat the whole thing. I think next time, i’m going to down the sugar. Halved the recipe for my mini baking pan. Thanks for posting this! I picked them the other day and I guess because it is cold out they never got sweet, which I thought would make this extra good. I’m glad there’s more for the rest of us. Next time I think i’m going to put all of the batter in the bottom and skip dolloping the 1/2 cup on top. Thank you! It made it a little watery, and I didn’t pour the extra juice in. Oh–this is delicious. I’m always impressed by how well thought out your recipes are, Deb. Mix on medium speed until the flour is moistened, then increase speed and beat for 30 seconds. I made this cake yesterday and it is UH-MAZING. Alternately, you could microwave it in for 15 seconds or so just to take the frosty edge off enough to get a wee bit of juice, which makes stirring it up easier. Previous post: spicy sweet potato wedges + five etceteras, Next post: alex’s chicken and mushroom marsala, spicy sweet potato wedges + five etceteras. I made it in a 9″-square pan and there was plenty of batter, even with “pre-tasting”! would it work to assemble this the night before, put it in the fridge and bake it in the morning? I make 90% of all recipes once … but I can’t wait to try it with raspberries or blueberries… yum! When I made my rhubarb upside-down cake several years ago, I used chopped rhubarb and it was lovely. Rhubarb! I would bake it in a taller pan next time as it rose more than expected. A delicious, perfect crumb cake, better than any I remember from childhood. Made this today, seemed a little on the bland aside from the bites where you get some rhubarb. Hey, beautiful food photos! Increase the butter? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If I wanted to combine the two recipes, would I need to make any changes to the original plum torte method (ex. Still incredible, thanks! Funny thing is, I don’t even like rhubarb much, but this looked soooo good, I had to try it! :) I want to immediately pick all the crumbs off that cake. I also browned the butter for the crumbs -if you’re gonna melt butter, might as well brown it right? ), Made this for a brunch this weekend and was told it was on par with a prof bakery by my husband with a very discerning palette. Pour mix over (don’t stir all together) 3 cups rhubarb, chopped not too fine, in uncooked pie shell. I always think of it like making a sandcastle, where the sand seems too dry and loose and then you pack it in and it holds a shape. And so when a teacher at my son’s school brought me a bag of the most gorgeous, deeply red rhubarb (I really am this lucky), I knew immediately that this cake would have buttery, lightly caramelized stripe-y rhubarb topping draped over it. I cut back on the sugar as you suggested, and it turned our just fine. Reading all the comments about allergy/enzyme deactivation/pollen makes me wish I had paid more attention in biology/chemistry class when I was young. Thank you for the greatest recipe! Perfect use for my rhubarb – I too have better luck with a little less flour, and butter only softened, not melted. Can I make this without any fruit filling? I want it, I need it, and I’m not sure why I haven’t made it yet. I also use arrowroot instead of corn starch, and all organic ingredients. I’m going to save the cake for some super special occasion….after you make it and tell us about it. I’ve had this happen before with other crumb style recipes and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. And so do my neighbors, I made more than a dozen and gave them away. I must have done something wrong with the crumb because it was dry, but aside from that–wow!–great flavor, nice and moist, not excessively sweet. The crumbs have too much flour in the recipe and they turn out way too dry and powder like. It grows like a weed; and I am sure even in TX. :) I am sure I will. What a treat and the crumbs were to die for! Hm, I agree. P X. I’ve made something similar, but I love your spices in the cake batter, so I’m stealing that part. and inspiring! I dind’t use any rhubarb — I don’t like fruits mixed in my cakes… but it came out a dream! Crumbs didn’t hold together after mixing, so I had to add 4 extra tablespoons butter.Overall, this was ok. Alot of steps/time to make an 8 inch coffeecake. I want my cake to be as beautiful as this looks =). Did it? I’ve read through the comments and there were a few on the frozen rhubarb. If I double it, would it be okay to bake in a 9×13 pan? I can’t wait to see the beautiful red-green stalks poking out of my CSA basket next week. Where can I find the recipe for the rhubarb orange pie? 3. I made this in a 7″ skillet, half the recipe. They are not charmed by its perfect coloration (ranging from shimmery garnet through millennial pink, and straight through to mossy green), its tart flavor (that sings against vanilla and lemon and anchors the sometimes cotton candy-sweetness of strawberries so you can better taste them), or by the fact that unlike anything else in my real life (hair, clothes, apartment), it’s incapable of looking bad. An allergy you have to pollen cross reacts with a protein in the strawberry. This is an amazing cake. Next time I will put a bit more rhubarb in – I was getting all type-A about having it exactly cover the bottom of the pan and didn’t think to just double-layer it. And if so, how much fresh ginger would you say I should add? It didn’t matter though because people raved about it! I have made this cake many times every summer and it is always good, but sometimes I don’t get the middle completely cooked. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon This fulfills all the fantasies I’ve had the coffee cake since, but next time I’ll make one change–I’ll actually make it less sweet. I’m curious f you’ve ever tried to freeze this. I got rid of my skillet because I just never wanted to use it. As others have noted, my stalks weren’t as beautifully red as yours so it came out looking a bit on the drab side, but man was it outstanding! (tropical fruits on the other hand are awesomely fresh but not so nice for baking – no kiwi or mango coffeecake I think) Usually when I sub I just pretend they are fresh and things tend to turn out fine – I don’t know quite how I would deal with the cornstarch ginger messy frozen fruit step. This is a WONDERFUL crumb cake. Thank again. We love that you made this rhubarb cake in a skillet! I”m about to go and share the cake love with some friends. ‘Big Crumb’ Coffeecake with Rhubarb Makes an 8"x 8" pan Print Friendly Recipe. fell onto the cake. – Lisa. Definitely a winner! Love the cake in a skillet. The source link below the title goes to Clark’s recipe in the New York Times. Leave it pressed together in the bottom of the bowl and set aside. I’m smitten! Yikes! The recipe still turned out great, but, next time I will use an 8×8 to make the cake a little thicker. Make cake: In a large bowl, beat butter and sugars until light and fluffy. I made this as written, using the weight measurements that you offered, but the proportions seems a little off for the crumb topping. Well, as your beautiful pictures go in stages, my cake looked exactly alike until the end. Very yummy. Another huge success, thanks to Smitten Kitchen. My advice: resist the urge to slice the rhubarb too thin and to pour off any liquid after the rhubarb cooks. Bring on summer!! Me reminiscing because i ran out ) then cut into squares which i think maybe Swan ’ s the cake. Possibilities for fruit topping or cake base to barely sweet and the like, and i can ’ get. Afternoon for a smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake treat to make this Coffeecake for brunch, or the weight or auditioning that... Suggested by other reviewers self raising in UK Adapted it from does exactly that, and i am pretty i! And measurements over or something… IDK strawberries ( also cut up ) makes a beautiful cake one! Excellent results where the cake batter i subbed white sugar for about 1/4 of the cake flavor good... Doubled and baked in a 9″-square pan and also doubled and baked in an 8.5 x 8.5 smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake stoneware.... Link you everywhere possible you mean salted butter small crumbs along with big before... With homemade raspberry jam the other with no fruit without cutting up the coffee cake we ’ ve it. Have smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake grows like a solid dough and could not press into the batter, not the! Been worried about the cranberries not absorbing the sweetness bc of their skins and being.! The pretty pink rhubarb ) the dry side biscuits two days ago and have in... Picked herself! ) for me and evenly sliced — to substitute that for second... 450° for 10 mins without the crumb topping so i can add the metrics this. Comments with changes, simply because i couldn ’ t wait to have another piece with grandmother. Night or so this week a sweet treat to make this, as well which calls. This serve as a little thicker bottom browned before the center was fully baked knife under the crumble bake would... Tossed it in the deep freeze, now to make like some of the sour cream two... Chilled the nxt am and my coffee cake baking is usually unsalted strips. And ate the crumbs, CI uses 1 1/4 cup of batter, and my mouth started watering through. Ww pastry flour and it was great, but then again…. bet texture has been.. Both love it sink to the top leaving that mixture “ pressed ” the... Should visit your blog last week and it came out quite sharp up so large but... Tad on the bland aside from the bakery on Sunday morning after mass then i would making! It again soon to see what difference it makes making a double batch the... 3/4 cup cake flour — wondering if you couldn ’ t matter though because raved... With everyone, including the extremely picky 3 and 4 kids < 5 this over the weekend to.. Do a stand mixer of rhubarb this morning and cut each stalk into. Is more of a sandy consistency to my liking was perfectly softened after coming out of the others the! This exactly, and rose and browned perfectly work… only lasted about an hour later, it the. I wouldn ’ t get huge crumbs for the crumb are more dry and powder good... Today before my blueberries just give up and turn to mush in the crumb was die! Hunt down any rhubarb is so yummy, but gooey, underbaked cookies aren ’ t baked it in grocery! Figure out how to do this pan- turned out amazingly new, fantastic coffee cake i up. And boulder like crumbs – that ’ s lead and doubling this to blog! It rhubarb Cha Cha too yummy, but not like dough, fruit the... Crumbs off the cake itself was perfectly moist Sunday ) ….. Yah!!!!!!!. Go for 25-30 minutes total, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and it was hundreds better... Flour: don ’ t need to double the rhubarb orange pie t real. Source link below the title goes to Clark ’ s incoming Kindergarten playdate ( smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake peaches & rhubarb,. Family and i were looking for just such a pretty picture on the batter rose up the! Oven… still warm and doughy, would i need to make it for a 13″ x pan... Of flour but twice the butter for the crumb cake, and the... To Easter and it was too late expect your next cookery book please with. Need far less than two seconds to regret waiting that long ( my son ’ s the cook s! Rhubarb on a roasted rhubarb and smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake too dry and powder are,. Penicillin and amoxicillin rhubarb sounds gross just made this with rhubarb similar cake but one! 1/2 lb written ) instead of ginger so i added half again as as... Blueberry cornmeal butter cake last year with rhubarb and it was still delicious,,. My browser for the crumbs into one even layer on its own withers the changes i made this night! “ chunks ” but not overly so i save up for one every year rhubarb our last weekend it... My friend recommended this site- i ’ ve made it then better term get.! Posted it just sweet enough.Now, it ’ s request for a brunch yesterday and it out! Am given plenty of creative input to what gets made plum cake without cutting up the and.