Oh my goodness! I’m sure either of those would work well. Another friend caught it, too. ★☆ Im struggling to find time to cook with all my rhubarb, let alone post my recipes. ★☆. It’s a perfect go-to dessert for family gatherings or decadent mid-morning treat with a cup of coffee!. Thanks so much for this recipe Can’t wait to try it…. Also I used a larger glass pan, so I did 1 1/2 recipe, so who knows…. Yum! I think fresh would be better, but it would probably work. This is delicious warm or cold. Glad you enjoy it, Gina. Rhubarb Lavender Crisp. Tip into a mixing bowl, add the egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of water and mix with a round-bladed knife until the mixture starts to form clumps. The recipe has been corrected. Second helpings all around. As for a butter replacement, ghee would be my first choice if you’re only avoiding lactose, palm shortening if you must avoid all dairy (Tropical Traditions has an organic palm oil that is responsibly raised and harvested, which I reviewed here). I need all the rhubarb recipes I can get my hands on so keep them coming. No need to chsnge anything. ★☆ I made this last weekend, so delicious! Serve warm with ice cream, if desired. If you can find someone with a ‘kangen water machine’ made by enagic in your area, that will share the water and the medicinal water with you it will totally get rid of your psoriasis. Another fabulous Rhubarb recipe from you Jo. Stir in applesauce, soda, vanilla, and flour. Can u double this & put it in 9 x 13 for a potluck! Tip the hazelnuts into a food processor and blitz until finely ground. I was happy to find a recipe a little different than crumble. You may also substitute a gluten free flour blend, such as Namaste Gluten Free Flour. I think I need a personal assistant. Delish. I do love rhubarb season, but it’s short so I try to make most of my favourite rhubarb recipes while it’s here.. I’m sure that wouldn’t be bad, but I don’t know exactly how it will turn out. Probably, given that non-dairy milks work. You can cut back on the sugar if you like. What do you all think, and what modifications would I need to make? Usually top it with a little frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream. I have seen it over and over again, and never seen this fail. To adjust for the excessive sweetness, I bumped up the rhubarb to 4 cups and added 1/2 T cornstarch to the pudding sugar. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I’ve made it twice now using 4 cups of rhubarb and it is MUCH better that way. So glad you enjoyed it. I want a bigger cake. I jumped up off the computer and started making it. Easy 6 Ingredient Rhubarb Custard Cake is an easy dessert made with tart rhubarb, a sweet custard and a box mix cake for a simple and delicious recipe that anyone can make! It is the most delicious way to use up fresh rhubarb, and the addition of buttermilk guarantees a moist and flavorful coffee cake, every single time. 9×13 would be overkill, but an 11×7 pan would probably work. Share a picture of your creation! I bet rhubarb cake will soon become your family favourite! Hopefully, it doesn’t need much modification to use the frozen. Would appreciate your thoughts! As my husband said, “ mmm, mmm, mmm.”???? Your recipe is EXCELLENT! Thanks Lou. Do you know how many cabs would be in 1 serving. Didn’t have butter, so used margarine, do you think that will work? Combine flour, baking powder, and salt, stirring well with a whisk. I just saw this delicious looking recipe today on FB (surprise!). To accommodate the thickening needs of the extra fruit, I bumped up the cornstarch to 1 1/2 tablespoons total and it worked great. I was searching through Pinterest to find a different rhubarb recipe since I have so much from my garden and I found you. Our rhubarb is plentiful this year. This was so delicious!!! Note: You may also substitute a gluten free flour blend such as Namaste Foods Gluten Free Flour Blend. I am trying this recipe for Easter as my mother in law cant have strawberries but likes rhubarb. Bake at 375°F for 45 minutes. It’s a keeper. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. A big hit. Absolutely delicious! Such a quick and delicious recipe! I’ve been trying to get a patch of red started. I LOVE rhubarb and am baffled at why so many readers had strange outcomes. Mix 3/4 cup sugar, butter, baking powder, salt, extracts, milk and flour together. This was a lovely dessert, but way too much sugar for my liking. Glad you enjoy it, and thanks for sharing your experience. His grandmother is almost 90 years old, so her recipes consist of a coffee cup full of this and a spoonful of that. I use rhubarb right out the freezer, without thawing, and it works just fine. Thawed or partially thawed should both work. The recipe is quite sweet, even with the tartness of rhubarb. *FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying, Rhubarb COFFEE Cake using Jam or Preserves, this free rhubarb resource website alive. Wonderful recipe! Just put it in the oven… hope that is right. ( I know this sounds strange, but trust me, it works to create a pudding around the rhubarb in the bottom of the pan.). Thanks again.. So yes, this is an easy to make and it tastes good but I would think a reworking aimed at bringing forward the tart sense of the rhubarb would make this a great recipe. I have seen rhubard in the fruit freezer section of my grocery store. Thank you for commenting, Lorrain. If your rhubarb is quite green, for some recipes you may wish to make it red, for simple instructions. Rhubarb makes delicious and flavourful cakes of all kinds! Or, better still, add it to a punch or other beverage! I don’t know if the baking powder is possibly the culprit. Turned out great! Followed the printed recipe, no deviations, and it was a hit. Glad that your family enjoyed it, and thanks for letting me know. milk, 1c. If you find out something that helps your psoriasis, I’m anxious to know.. So good! I have found, through the years, that frozen fruit sometimes yields more sauce than fresh (which we prefer). No, you can substitute vanilla instead if you prefer. Add a little more milk if it is too thick to pour; pour over fruit. Tastes like my MILs Rhubarb Custard Pie, only its cake & much easier! STEP 6: Transfer the batter into the baking pan, even out the surface with the spatula.Place the remaining 1/4 of the rhubarb … Why does it look like you’re using unripe rhubarb? Best rhubarb recipe I have ever tried. I am so looking forward to trying this…. Do you wish your rhubarb was redder than it is? Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a 9x9" or 9x13" pan (both work fine -- if you … Originally published in 2012, last updated 2019. Love this easy and very tasty recipe. My question is we have an abundance of red rhubarb, I,ve stewed it, canned it, baked with it, now this recipe can it be frozen?? I wrap the sticks in wet paper towels then seal either with my seal machine or just seal good in gallon baggies. The recipe differences are the addition of the extracts, 1/4 less sugar for the topping, and 1/4 cup more boiling water. I am making an assumption that I don’t have to use almond extract?! We doubled the recipe…so do we bake it longer than 45 min?? I added just enough boiling water to put all the pudding mix just under water. If you’re worried about baking with lavender, know that this crisp doesn’t … Thank you! Super yummy and it’s so awesome how it makes it’s own crust!!! How much sugar did you end up using? So two questions, what would you suggest as a butter replacement? Baked it 10 minutes longer. Just bake a little longer if it’s only partially thawed. Absolutely delicious! Everyone’s tastes are different. I have scalp psoriasis and would love to get it resolved. Using sound judgment to be more self-reliant. This is just the second year for the plant and I cut it back in fall. Thanks so much for this! Stir in the eggs and sour cream until smooth, then fold in the rhubarb. If not i can get fresh… Thank you for your time.. Oh my goodness. Yes, I’ve doubled it in a 9×13 pan and it works fine, although it may take a little longer for the center to cook through. 18 ratings 4.2 out of 5 star rating. I plan to cut back the sugar amount as well as we like our food made with usually much less than recipes call for. I love rhubarb and have other fruits in my garden also. I am pretty sure most followed the recipe exactly. Watching the sugar content of the fruits, I’m ready to experiment. I’d opt for a tart, juicy apple, diced, with peels on for color. It is so delicious and I have made it many times following the recipe just as it is printed here. I cut down a little on the sugar. WINNER! Wow! Rhubarb buckle. Thank you for sharing. I would say it definitely has a darker appearance though and I’ve never made it the other way, so not sure if the top is as it should be. Thanks ever so much for sharing it???????????????? . You can also get more seasonal recipes, plus other common sense tips, when you subscribe to the Common Sense Home newsletter. Loved this recipe. Laurie – have you ever tried xylitol or coconut sugar in this recipe? Is Your Rhubarb "Stringy" when you cut it? This was so easy and so delicious. So glad I tried it. How did it turn out? Thanks for the recipe! I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone has tried a milk alternative. I grew up eating “blueberry batter cake” which is essentially the same as this pudding cake with blueberries. This is the closest I have found so excited to get baking it again. Place butter in a large bowl, and beat with a mixer at medium speed until smooth. Publix has it frozen…..and sometimes fresh! Glad you enjoyed it. So my next try will either be with blueberries and blackberries or a mixed berry custard dessert. It is a moist and delicious cake. Tell your friends. I was looking for something different to do with rhubarb when I came across a fruited pudding cake recipe in the Favorite Recipes of America – Desserts cookbook from 1968. i have some growing it will be next year before its ready. It's super easy to make using fresh or frozen rhubarb, and can also be made gluten free. Has anyone made this the night before it was served? We all love it here, thanks for posting it. Oj, sounds good. Mix rhubarb and strawberries in a bowl and add some sugar and mix it properly. this sounds wonderful. I used this recipe last summer. The recipe, as written, at 2 cups rhubarb, has way too little fruit for the 1 cup amount of sugar for the pudding part. I had lost my mother’s recipe and this is just the best ever. Sprinkle the mixture on top of the cake then dust lightly with cinnamon. This is the sort of thing my grandmother would have made. . It’s safe to say I’ll be making this again. It did go together very quickly. Grease a 9 by 13″ baking dish with cooking spray or butter. Fantastic recipe and the results were absolutely delicious. But wanted to ask about the almond extract because neither of us like it. Your cake looks amazing! Best Cake Recipes with Rhubarb no eggs , right????? Check out my favourite cake and pastry stands, GO to Cake Stands â€“ How to Display Your Baking in a Beautiful Way, See Also:  Flour Storage - How to Keep Your Flour Fresh, TOP of Rhubarb Cake Recipes HOME to Homepage of Rhubarb-Central.com, ©2010-2020  Rhubarb-Central.com All Rights Reserved WorldwideNo Reproduction Permitted Without the ExpressedWritten Consent of the Site Owner, ★ Please use the "Like" button above to help keep this free rhubarb resource website alive. The original recipe calls for “any fruit, fresh or canned”, so I figured “Why not rhubarb?”  Thus, this old fashioned rhubarb pudding cake was born. I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe, Jackie, and thank you for your kind words. Keep adding the … Love Love Love this! All were very good. Transfer batter to buttered pie plate and spread evenly. I passed it on to neighbours who made it. Make the most of a sensational seasonal ingredient with our rhubarb cake recipes. When using a sugar substitute like Splenda – is the sugar amount still 1:1? Thanks so much! Thanks! Used freshly grated nutmeg in rhubarb and just used vanilla for flavouring. It does not spike his blood sugar. I added apple pie spice and it was the perfect compliment. How would one cut the topping sugar in half, and would the water need to be decreased accordingly? Help! Made this tonight. Cover the bottom of an 8 or 9 inch square baking pan with fruit. I wish I could grow it here in the south I think it is to hot for it to grow here but I sure wish I had access to it. Turns out great every time. This is one of our favorite recipes. This is our favorite summer dessert–but I now have stockpiled rhubarb in my freezer, so we will enjoy it year round! I made this tonight using rhubarb from my garden. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for leaving a comment. If are interested in trying it but cant find it near you let my know my sister sells it. sugar, a stick of melted butter, 3 tsp baking powder. By the way – you can use ANY fruit in the bottom – fresh or frozen – and add a spice or lemon if the fruit suggests it. No baking soda, only baking powder (I had baking soda in my head with another recipe). :). Even my picky guests loved it. So very good.We already have the berries and peaches lined up for a little variety. One thing, I was low on milk and I just had enough, I see that other ladies are substituting, but how about buttermilk? Made this today. Just realized I am all out of milk do you think I can use half and half and just thin it with water? They have asked me to make this for Christmas dinner…. It’s best hot out of the oven, but not bad the second day. This recipe was given to me by my friend and co-worker, Trish. ‘m not sure if I’m aware of all the changes that were needed. Thanks for an interesting newsletter.. Margie. Pour in prepared 9x13x2-inch baking pan and sprinkle with 1/4 cup white sugar and 1 tsp. The plant is huge but I am not sure when to cut and use it. I can’t wait to make it! Thanks for letting me know. Friends here in Huntsville, TX grew it this year until the floods hit and drowned all but one plant in 2 feet of water. I agree! It may make cleanup a little easier. Fantastic recipe – husband and kids loved it. I get several batches a year from my plants. Add rhubarb. This recipe is delicious and addictive! Thanks for letting me know that it worked out. Here (below) is the one I have had for the past 10 years! It is so good. With the Namaste flour, I bake an extra ten minutes. I would use a little fresh squeezed OJ instead of almond extract. We have a bumper crop of rhubarb this year. I have not tried it in this recipe, but if you do, I’d suggest two tablespoons of tapioca starch. Thanks for taking time to comment. Glad that it worked out well for you, and thanks for taking time to leave a comment and let me know about that and adding berries. We often eat our with yogurt or ice cream. My neighbor made it with strawberries and rhubarb and said it turned out great. Or let it your rhubarb pudding cake cool a bit, and then slice and invert on a plate. Made this last night for dinner with gluten-free cup-for-cup flour. You may need to increase your cook time by 5-10 minutes. Ok I had my students make this for a lab and 4/6 kitchens pans over flowed on to the bottom of the oven almost causing a fire alarm??? It’s perfect every time. I was planning on making rhubarb bread, when my husband requested something else be made with the rhubarb. . This took 5 minutes and we all loved it. I’m not one that really likes warm fruit desserts, but I had a bunch of rhubarb I had to use. Absolutely Devine! Your email address will not be published. My 9×9 pans are older and have become hard to find. I use Truvia in place of sugar, unsweetened Almond Milk for the milk and soy flour for the flour. I have canned rhurbarb made like a sauce, could this be used? Some people have been sharing different adjustments they’re using to make it dairy free or reducing the sugar. You may also enjoy these easy rhubarb recipes for drinks, preserves and desserts: These recipes work with fresh or frozen rhubarb, so you can enjoy them anytime you have a supply on hand. can’t fine rhubarb in texas where we live. Every time I make it people who tell me they don’t eat desserts or don’t eat rhubarb try it and love it. I think it could only survive as an annual because we don’t have cold enough winters to make it a perennial. Has anyone made this substituting maple syrup for sugar in the bottom? Using a pastry blender or … One bowl. Thanks! Tried this recipe and It was to die for…thanks.. We grow Rubarb in Victoria Aus but it needs a good sun shade to limit not block harsh sun then goes beserk in autumn when temp comes down to the 20 `s C with some rain and heavy dews. Maybe another fruit like tart cherries would work almost as well? 1/2 cup shortening 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 egg 1 cup buttermilk 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp baking soda pinch salt 2 cups flour 2 cups finely cut rhubarb- fold in ... Did you make this recipe? I made it for my BIL’s birthday tonight and as soon as the guys took the first bite their eyes got huge. Thanks for a recipe that is sure to be a classic in my house! I have it in the oven now. This is one of our favorite recipes. Are we suppose to add baking soda or baking powder?